Rental of Market Stalls

The market area consists of three adjacent areas with its own commercial designation which should be kept in mind at the time of applying for or transferring a market stall. The proposed activity has to be within the established theme of each area. We can use the floor plan below as a guide:

Interior of the Market


The Exterior of the Market

Commercial activity in the front
The rest of the exterior area is comprised of restaurants and cafés.

Shopping Centre and Businesses

Shops, professional offices, services and restaurants

The Rambla Azul Street Market

Commercial activity excluding food.

Due to the shortage of stalls in the market and outside in the Rambla Azul area the procedure to become a holder of a stall license is by transfer of the business. This implies coming to an economic agreement with the previous title holder and the transfer of customers, means and infrastructure of the business to the new title holder.
Given that there is usually office space available in the shopping centre, the procedure is cheaper and you simply need to put down a deposit of 2 months at the time the space is allocated.

Benefits of the Membership Fee



per month
  • Free customer parking for an hour and a half
  •  Full accounting, labour and tax consulting services
  •  Advertising spots on the radio twice a day on two different popular broadcasters

For more information: Antonio Gil. General Manager. 615 65 57 10 Administration Office: 922 21 47 43